Alcohol Server Training – Required!

Levy is requiring all cashiers that sale alcohol to either attend their ServSafe training, or to take the Indiana State training that is offered online. You may have taken this training when you applied for your Volunteer Alcohol permit and would have received a certificate that looks like this –

To check if you have this certificate or to complete the online training –

1) Go to

2) Under “Employee Permits”, click on “Renewal”

3) Login in to the “Personal Licensing with Access Indiana”

4) On your Licensing Home Page, click on “Documents”

5) If you took the training, you should see a certificate of training for download

6) Please download and send to me along with your permit #.

7) If you don’t have a certificate and want to take the online training, Click on “Education” in the left side menu.

8) Then click on ATC Server Training. After completion, you will be able to download your certificate

Please contact Kerry Arnold if you have any questions.